• I take 70 Euros for the research plus 19 % taxes only for EU citizens per hour.
  •  I take photos with my Samsung S8 smartphone. The quality of the photos is very good. In one hour of work (70 Euros + 19% VAT) I create 200-450 photos, depending on the nature of the archive material. I make the photos available for online download in my Dropbox. You can also receive a cost estimate here upon request.


  • Chronicle

For 1000 Euro + 19 % VAT I offer to make a complete chronicle of a searched person. Included are a telephone talk, a manual to request all relevant documents in german archives to the searched person and a complete chronicle with the military service of the searched person in WW2.

  • “Tailor-made offer”

If you send me your question, I will make an offer tailored to your indiviudal needs. I am guided by your wishes and your budget.