I am working in the following archives:

  • German Federal Military Archive in Freiburg
  • German Diary Archive in Emmendingen
  • State Archive Freiburg
  • City Archive Freiburg
  • University Archive Freiburg.

I provide research orders to competent partners in different german archives such e.g.:

  • Federal Archive Koblenz
  • Federal Archive Berlin
  • Federal Archive Ludwigsburg
  • Institute for Contemporary History Muinich
  • Secret State Archives Prussian Cultural Hertiage Foundation
  • State-, City- and Regional Archives

My cooperation partners are:

  • Roul Scheer M.A., Freiburg
  • Muriel Lorenz M.A., Freiburg
  • David Hamann M.A., Hamann Research Service, Berlin
  • Lars Thiele M.A., Research Service Thiele, Dresden
  • Dr. Jens Br├╝ggemann, Research Service, Hamburg