I have been working for many different clients to various topics. Below you can find a selection of my clients.

– Researches for private clients, e.g. family histories

– Museums: e.g. German Historical Museum Berlin, Museum of the “Bundeswehr” Dresden, Alliied Museum Berlin, German Cinemathek, Museum Wewelsburg, Yad Vashem- Holocaust Memorial Jerusalem, Museum of the Second World War Dansk, Historical Technical Museum Peenemünde, Norwegian Resistance Museum

– Scientists of the following universities: e.g. University of Freiburg, Humboldt University of Berlin, Free University of Berlin, University of Zürich (ETH), University of Cambridge, Kings College London, University of Exeter, Nottingham Trent University, University of Cyprus, University of North Carolina, University of Texas at Austin, University of Western Australia, Purdue University, Yeditepe University Instanbul, University of Adelaide, University of Hamburg

– Institutions: e.g. Dutch Defense Ministry, Ministry of the environment Schleswig-Holstein – explosive ordnance clearing North Sea, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Department of the Region Dresden, Regional Finance Office Lower Saxony – explosive ordnance clearing, Agency Schönberger Land, Agency for business development Koblenz

– Enterprises: e.g. German Bank, Kiwa GmbH Environment & Analytics Hamburg, Saricon, T&A Survey, Wheatcroft Foundation, Investments.Engineering.Construction j.s.c. Sankt Petersburg, Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd., Great Escape Productions, ECO Media TV-Productions GmbH, Bickhardt Building Thüringen GmbH, Hallum & Jensen AS, French Factory Production, Archive Publisher GmbH, Asbjørn Svarstad

– TV-Channels and print media: e.g. First german television (ARD), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Public service broadcasting North Germany (NDR), Public service broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), Japanese Television (NHK) Austrian Public service broadcasting (ORF), Channel 4 & History Canada, Serbian Television (RTS), Swabian  Newspaper, Protestant magazin „Chrismon“ article: „Find Haika“

Rating of my work by clients:

“I ordered two researchers for the work in the Federal Archive. Mainly Benjamin Haas in Freiburg, who is working fast and transparently (also in costs) and is searching extensively and who was giving me helpful advices.”

Christine Holch, Copy Editor of the protestant magazine “Chrismon”

„Extremely likeable, fast, reliable and highly competent – that has always been my impression of Benjamin Haas in our conversation. Having completed my own researches in the BA/MA in Freiburg for my books „Die Moltkes“ and „Verdun 1916“ Mr. Haas quickly finished smaller but nontheless ambitious researches for me. Apart from the archivists working in the BA-MA I do not know anyone as outstandingly versed concerning the tectonic of this archive as Mr. Haas. I can recommend his services without any restriction.“

Dr. Olaf Jessen, Historian

„Even though I love to come to Freiburg it is good to have Benjamin Haas at the place. He does his researches thoroughly and fast, has his results clearly arranged and his invoices are transparent. There is only one alternative to doing your researches on your own: Benjamin Haas.“

Florian Weiß, Curator of the Allied Museum Berlin

„I needed to find the descendants of a teacher who had died during the Second World War, for the sake of a historical article I was writing. After much effort I had been able to reach his relatives in his home town, but they had lost all contact with the teachers family after the war. I had no idea how to exit the dead end. Then I requested the help of Mr. Haas. I asked him to locate documents in the Freiburg archives that may have been relevant to my search, and to see if he could locate the descendants of the teacher. There were no documents to be found in the Freiburg archives, but he was able to locate the descendants for me within just three weeks. I was amazed by his effectiveness. He is an excellent researcher, highly professional, courteous and prompt. He gets the job done. Truly magnificent!“

Stavros Theodorakis, Professor of the university Cyprus

„My orders have always been fulfilled to my complete satisfaction, even when I gave incomplete information in the beginning. Mr. Haas is working very assiduously which leads to good results.“

Dr. Sebastian Stopper, Historian

Scientific and journalistic work:

– Research and Interview for the documentary „The Danube Elf“ of the serbian television

– Master Thesis: Biography of the german field marshal Colmar Freiherr von der Goltz

– Newspaper article: The „Führer und Befehlshabertagung in Bad Schachen 1943″. Published in the “Schwäbische Zeitung”

– Lecture: The „Operation Barbarossa“, the german attack on the Soviet Union.

My scientific qualification can be confirmed by the following persons:

– Prof. Dietmar Neutatz
Department of History
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Rempartstr. 15
D-79085 Freiburg
Tel: 0049 0761/2033435

– Dr. Carl-Alexander Krethlow
6006 Luzern
Tel: 0041 414101446